The Hoop Vibe Tournament Rules

Game Rules:

  • Teams will play two 16-minute stop clock halves
  • There will be a 2-minute rest period between halves
  • There will be a minimum of a 5-minute warmup between games
  • Running clock will begin when a team leads by 20 points in the second half only. If the lead is cut to under 15 points, the clock will begin to stop again.
  • If a team is up 20 or more points with 2 minutes or less the game will be called.

Foul Rules:

  • Players are allowed 6 personal fouls. Once a player receives their 6th foul they will be disqualified for the remainder of the game
  • At the 10th team foul in a half, the opposing team shoots 1&1. There will be no double bonus.
  • All technical fouls will result in 2 free throws and possession


  • Stop-time Halves: 1st OT will be 2-minute stop clock. 2nd OT will be sudden death (first team to score).


  • 3 full timeouts per game.
  • One full timeout per overtime period, no carry over from previous halves.

Additional Rules:

  • Home team will be listed 1st on the schedule and will wear light jerseys. Please ensure you bring colored jerseys to all games
  • Warm up and game balls will be provided
  • If a player or coach gets ejected, they will NOT be allowed to play/coach in next game
  • Games will start no earlier than 10 minutes prior to the scheduled game time and both coaches must agree to start early
  • Teams must have at least 4 players present in order for games to start. If a team has 3 or fewer players present the game cannot start and will result in a forfeit
  • All teams are expected to arrive for games AT LEAST 45 MIN prior to the scheduled start times. A five-minute grace period will be allowed before a forfeit is declared. IF any team is knowingly unable to make their scheduled games, they must notify the Tournament Director in advance
  • If there is running time, clock will stop during team timeouts and player injuries
  • Clock and book operators will be provided by The Hoop Vibe
  • Tournament Director will make final decisions on any disputes
  • To view the tournament schedule, please download the Exposure Events App